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Who We Are?

The Turkish Chinese Friendship Foundation (TCFF), which aims to promote friendship and cooperation between the two countries, rests on the foundation of current relations between the Turkish Republic and the People’s Republic of China. It was founded on 24th December 2009 in Ankara by the leadership of Hasan Çapan, who has maintained close relations with the Chinese for many years.

In the ever-growing and changing world, TCFF aims to enhance friendship and cooperation with China on the basis of social, cultural, technological and economic values.

The foundation’s main frame of work relies on cooperating  with national and international institutions of both countries, providing support for associations and trusts that work parallel to the concept, promoting the two countries and their cultures, giving support to scientific research and publications, organizing student and academic staff  exchange programmes along with academic seminars and conferences, and offering scholarships.

TCFF desires to achieve a significant vision for both countries. In this course, it will make serious effort to work for the best interest of two countries by closely monitoring the agenda of Turkey, China the Middle East and Asia in terms of social, economic, cultural and political aspects. Apart from this, the Foundation aims to provide proper guidance for Turkish and Chinese businessmen and policy makers and politicians.

Between the two states there is much to learn from and share, with Turkey having to follow a policy of stability between the west and the east in the 21st century, and China, which will be moving rapidly towards becoming the prominent and leading power of the century. Moreover, it is clear that the interests of the two countries intersect at Central Asia and the Middle East; thereby, making it essential to enhance mutual relations so as to meet such interests in a desired way.  Furthermore, it is one of the Foundation’s priorities to increase the current benefits and to direct more importance on the global interest gained by the two countries. It is believed by TCFF that there will be beneficial results when the current cooperation is consolidated and therefore; the Foundation aims to make contribution to build a suitable platform through which strategic joint production, commerce, and research and development are achieved.

It has been stated in various top-level state visits that Turkey and China maintain being important countries due to their geopolitical locations, that both countries are influential in maintaining world peace and stability, and that provided the relations are developed, the two countries will certainly great positive impact on each other. Thus, TCFF especially puts an emphasis on world peace and the joint work that will be done by both countries to provide for world welfare.

Turkey closely observes and highly appreciates the success which China has displayed in economic initiative and reform. At the same time, China sees Turkey as a dynamic and developing country and monitors the changes and improvements that take place. Commercial and economic relations between Turkey and China have serious potential and are developing prosperously. With mutual investments made, the volume of trade is expected to rise more.

The Turkish Chinese Friendship Foundation is fully aware that the two countries and neighbours need to work closely, just as they do in areas of culture, economy, education, art, science and sports, to realise joint ventures in foreign affairs.

As TCFF gives priority to the concept of globalization in its work frame with China, it has established a network of collaboration with the executives of both countries. Therefore, the Foundation helps the people, institutions and establishments from the two countries form mutual exchange of information, enable cooperation and collaboration and make investments in various fields. 

Following the developments in Turkish-Chinese relations, evaluating and diversifying the opportunities that these countries have and will have in the future and presenting these to the public are some of the main objectives of The Turkish Chinese Friendship Foundation.

Below are the main goals of The Turkish Chinese Friendship Foundation.

EDUCATION: The foundation aims to make improvements in the field of education by enabling exchange of expertise and experts. Among the planned work are Turkish and Chinese language courses, student exchange projects for graduate, post-graduate, PhD. Students and academic staff, research and development projects.

SCIENCE: The Turkish Chinese Friendship Foundation aims to establish a dialogue among institutions of science, carry out research and development projects and expand work on technology between the two countries.

ECONOMY: The Foundation aims to carry out projects in which businessmen from both countries get to know one another through fairs and other similar organizations and desires to organise symposiums where problems in the business sector are discussed.

ARTS AND SOCIAL EVENTS: The Foundation aims to organise panels and seminars to which experts such as historians, academic staff, scientists, journalists, men of state and diplomats attend so that the rich cultural heritage and civilization of the two countries can be examined and shared in depth.

FILMS AND DOCUMENTARIES: The Turkish Chinese Friendship Foundation aims to promote film productions and documentaries on the cultural values of the two countries. It also desires to organise film festivals to which producers, directors, scenario writers and actors can attend, promote participation from both countries to such film festivals, enable exchange of academic staff in film making, and pinpoint and solve problems related to the business of film making.

ARCHEOLOGY AND MUSEUMS: The Foundation aims to further the work on the protection and promotion of cultural and historical heritage of the two countries and conduct work on preservation and restoration, give support to history of art and museology, enable exchange of academic staff and experts in the field of archaeology and history of art, and organise conferences and symposiums.

PUBLICATIONS AND LIBRARIES: The Foundation already carries out work on the cooperation of Turkish and Chinese national libraries, whereby the collection of books are expanded, and prominent literary, scientific works as well as popular publications and websites are translated into the languages of the two countries.

FOLKLORE AND TRADITIONAL CULTURE: The Turkish Chinese Friendship Foundation aims to enable in depth research and promote the folklore and traditional culture of the two countries. The foundation also aims to carry out conferences and seminars, to enable the exchange of artist of folk music, folk dances, puppet show and shadow theatre, to provide participation in international folk festivals, and to conduct research on folklore culture and provide support.

ARTISTIC PERFORMANCES: The Foundation aims to provide participation of artists of the two countries in international music, dance, folklore, theatre, opera and ballet events.

PRESS AND THE MEDIA: The press and the media play an important role in information, entertainment and forming public opinion.  Being an active power, they are two of the most important means for non-governmental organisations to reach their target mass and to gain acknowledgement. The Turkish Chinese Friendship Foundation aims to reach the members of the Turkish Parliament, ministers, members of the foreign mission, local administrations, national media agencies, academic staff, research institutes, Think-Tank institutions, the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges, corporations, travel agencies through the periodicals of The Turkish Chinese Friendship Foundation, television programmes and academic publications. With this project, the Foundation desires to facilitate the people of the two countries to have access to accurate information and news, develop economic relations, accentuate the importance of the two countries, and form stability.

YOUTH AND SPORTS: Sports is a means to consolidate and promote peace, friendship and brotherhood, especially among young people. It is very important for the Foundation to put into practice the educational, entertaining, social and healing effects of sports.

 In the past years, The Turkish Chinese Friendship Foundation was actively involved in ‘Live China in Turkey’ event organised by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China. ‘Turkish- Chinese Relations Seminar’ and ‘Chinese –Turkish Writers Exchange Event’ are two of the seminars which the Foundation helped organise. The Turkish Chinese Friendship Foundation is currently planning various organisations, seminars, symposiums and fairs in 2011-2012 ‘China Year’ in Turkey and 2011-2012 ‘Turkey Year’ in China.

The Turkish Chinese Friendship Foundation holds an important place in both countries due to the fact that it has undertaken serious responsibility to develop and expand cooperation and partnership between Turkey and China, which are two countries that are renowned for their important historical and cultural background.