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President´s Message

Why is there a need for Turkey and China to enhance economic and strategic cooperation? Globalization has accelerated by creating a system in which all countries closely influence one another. Consequently, it has become almost impossible for countries to isolate themselves from such a system. South Asia and the Pacific are the regions which have adapted to this system rapidly. In the beginning of the 20th century, the region struggled with local conflicts. Then, in the second half of the century, it has successfully achieved to become a leader for the whole world to follow.

Especially, countries such as China, India, South Korea and Indonesia based on their economy have placed themselves amongst the developed countries of the world. With the leadership of China, these countries have come together under regional organizations such as APEC, ASEM, ASEAN and ARF. These organizations, initially founded for econmic goals, but later have gained a socio-ecomic dimension. Moreover, in 2004, similar to the European Union leaders of 16 countries have determined a common desire in order to set up a union of states in Asia in 2020. This clearly indicates that the objectives of these countries are not only based on short-term policies.

Asian finance and commerce systems that has vital Dynamics but however presently they carry Western-oriented Notion. In the course time will partly change course towards Asia. Therefore, it is important that Turkey and China set up enterprises in various fields in Caucasus, Central Asia and Africa, assess the possible alternatives in the fast developing world, strengthen their political and economical stands, and consolidate their mutual and international affairs. Taking the population, labour force, investment oppurtunities and the rapidly developing world of both countries into consideration, more cooperation between these neighbour countries carries great importance for the future relations of the two states.

Being countries of tradition for thousands of years, the more Turkey and China bring closer and harmonize their fate, national interests and doctrines, the more they will contribute to world peace and welfare. With this belief, in 2009, Turkish Chinese Friendship Foundation has been established in order for the two countries ro work closely and thus to be involved in various joint ventures.

Hasan Çapan

Chairman of Board