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China´s Foreign Policy

China follows its peaceful and independent foreign policy. The main objective of this policy is the country’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, reform and opening applications for the construction and modernization to create favorable international environment and maintain world peace and advance common development.

This policy mainly covers the following points:

  • Always follow the principle of independence. Not to form an alliance with any major country or community, not to set up military blocks, not to participate in the arms race and not to pursuit of military expansionism
  • To maintain world peace by being against hegemonies. No matter how big or small, strong or weak, rich or poor, each country is an equal member of the international community. Disputes between countries should be resolved in a peaceful manner through consultation. Not to resort to force or the threat of force, not to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries with any excuses is an integral part of this policy
  • To improve the establishment of a new fair and justified international political and economic order. The five principles of peaceful coexistence and other generally accepted international rules of the new international political and economic order must be the basis.
  • To show mutual respect to sovereignty and territorial integrity, mutual non-aggression, non-interference in internal affairs of others, equality and mutual benefit, to establish cooperation and friendship with all the countries on the basis of the five principles of peaceful coexistence
  • To outsource its policy in a widely manner, worldwide trade contacts with countries and regions on the basis of the principle of equality and mutual benefit, economic and technological cooperation, to be ready to proceed and develop scientific and cultural contacts and common prosperity
  • To participate actively in multilateral diplomatic activities, to become a major force in protecting world peace and stability in the region

Since the founding of the PRC, China’s foreign policy has become more perfect because it got corrected and improved, has personal quality. In the future, the world will be even more polarized and the globalization of the economy will continue. There are experienced big organizations in international relations. Calling for peace and to cooperate and to accelerate development is a common desire of the peoples of all countries. In the new century, China’s diplomacy at both opportunities and challenges are faced. Always be on the lookout, make preparations for the future and meet the challenges to be faced by the intervention of consciousness need to strengthen security awareness.

Depending on the changes of international arena, China understands its position in the international arena correctly and tries to take advantage of the opportunities and avoid the harms and so will try to obtain only benefits. With the diplomatic thinking of Deng Xiaoping and under the leadership of general secretary Hu Jintao who’s under the Communist Party of China Central Committee, China will follow an independent and peaceful foreign policy and diplomatic practice will continuously open new pages and for the socialist modernization construction. China wants to create an international peaceful environment and will contribute to the world peace and development.