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Turkish-Chinese Relations in History

tarihce.jpgChina is located in East Asia, Turkey straddles Asia and Europe, which has a long history of friendly communications between the two countries. “The Silk Road” originated from China is a historically important road of the exchanges and friendship of Chinese and Western, where one of the city in the end of the line is Constantinople (now Istanbul).

In history, in the world it was only China who was able to reeling the silk, silk and tea, porcelain and other Chinese goods through “The Silk Road” was shipped to Constantinople, and became treasures of the Ottoman Empire palace. Topkapi Palace Museum of Turkey has a collection of more than twenty thousand pieces of porcelain from Chinese Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing era which indicated hundreds of years ago have been frequent exchanges between China and Turkey.

The Silk Road:

In history, the Silk Road not only conveyed an important channel of the civilization of ancient Chinese to the West but also was an important bridge between China and the West for economic and cultural contacting.

Generally speaking, the Silk Road, was initiated by Zhang Qian during the Western Han dynasty, starting from Chang'an to the west, ending with the Roman Empire. The Silk Road had two routes: the southern route, Dunhuang and Yangguan westward to the Kunlun Mountains and Conglin mountains and to the Da rouze (today's Xinjiang Autonomous Region and the northeastern of Afghanistan), Anxi (today's Iran) and Tiaoshi (today's the Arabian Peninsula), and to the Roman Empire;the northern route, Dunhuang and Yumen westward after crossing the southern foothills of Tianshan Mountains to Conglin, then to the Dawan and Kangju (today's Central Asia), joined with the southern route. These two routes were known as " the Continental Silk Road".

The Silk Road is well known, however, the Silk Road had two routes which is unknown. One of the routes is called as "the Silk Road in Southwest ". Starting from Sichuan province, passing Yunnan province to India, and then to India. This route is more ancient than " the Continental Silk Road". Chinese archaeologists in 1986 have identified the mysterious remains of "Sanxing Dui" which near the city of Guanghan, Sichuan Province. That appeared to belong to three thousand years ago, a large number of historical relics were unearthed, among of remains are 142 inches long golden stick, four-meter-high "Sacred Tree", such as bronze statues of people in different sizes, busts and masks which bearing the characteristics of Western Asia and the ancient Greek civilization. Experts considered this kind of historical relics more likely to be brought to China at the time of cultural exchanges between the East and the West. If it is determined that this assumption is correct, and then here we will be able to say that the Silk Road was founded three thousand years ago.

Apart from the Continental Silk Road, it also has the "Marine Silk Road". The “Marine Silk Road"s occur during the Song dynasty, starting from Guangzhou port through the Strait of Malaka to Sri Lanka, India and East Africa which has been proven by historical artifacts excavated in Somalia of East Africa.

The Marine Silk Road brought China and the major cradle of civilization of the countries in the world together, made the occurrence of the economic and commercial contacts between the countries, therefore, it was called as " the Road of Dialogue between East and West". According to the historical records of Marco Polo who got through the Marine Silk Road to China, and returned to his native Venice by taking the ship from the port of Quanzhou of Fujian province in China.